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When it comes to prompt and effective roof repair service Infinite Roofing Co. is one of the first names people think of. We are a 30 years old roofing company working with some of the most skilled and experienced roofers in the town.

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We can fix all types of roof issues for all kinds of roofs. Whether it is storm damage, water damage, or naturally worn off, we can fix it with proper methods at affordable prices. Our company has been repairing roofs for years and we have repaired thousands and thousands of roofs in the last few years for residential and commercial businesses.

Here Are Some Common Types Of Repairs We Provide

Weather Damage

Whether it is a hail storm, heavy snow, or storm in general, the roof can take up a lot of damage. Since the roof is some of the structures that constantly face external elements nature, it is highly likely that they will get damaged from water, snow, hail, and high-velocity wind. They might also get destroyed from the physical impact of trees, branches, and flying projectile.


Natural degradation can occur on your roof due to changing temperatures. Roof material will expand and contract as the temperature changes throughout the day. This expansion and contraction can cause cracks on the surface of the roof and slow breaking down of it.

Water Damage

Water can damage your roof, especially in case of poor drainage. If water is being retained on the roof or under the roof surface, it will start to rot the roof. If the roof is metal roof it cause rusting. In the case of a wooden or tile roof, or even shingle roof, rotting and mold development can occur which will degrade your roof.

Mold And Mildew

Mold, mildew, and moss are common things that develop on your roof. If you do not treat your roof the right way, you will have mold, and moss developing it. It will cause your roof to sag, retain water, rot, and develop leaks. Moss and mold can fasten the process of degradation of your roof.

Flashing Damage

Your flashing is what saves your roof from getting damaged and developing leaks. The areas around the skylight, vent, and chimney are protected by flashing. If you flashing is getting loose or has degraded we can install in flashing its place. We can also waterproof your roof for any leaks.

Loose And Missing Shingles

Shingles are often fall off, get loose, and get damaged. It takes an experienced professional to climb the roof and fix it. Not any person can do this without proper equipment and safety gear.

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If you want a company that is thorough with their repair and does it right, you have come to the right place. Our team has the knowledge and the experience of building the perfect roof for your house or commercial place with proper repairs. Our repairs last a long time and come with a warranty. We provide a free estimate for all our services. Call us when you need roof repairs.


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