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Commercial flat roofs have common rubber roof coating on them. If you are someone who needs rubber roof installation, rubber roof removal, repair or inspection, call Infinite Roofing.

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We have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of flat roofs, most of which are rubber roofs. We know the right type of rubber roof and how to install them to increase their longevity. Rubber roofs may come as rolls of sheets that are adhered to the flat surface of the roof or shingles for slightly slanted roofs. Rubber roofs are one of the most affordable and durable roof options you will get.

There are some common types of rubber roofing available in the market, such as EPDM, bitumens, PVC, TPO, etc. They are made by combining rubber polymeric substances with saw dust, slate dust to give them more structure. Rubber roofs are a great way to save your roof structure from moisture and other natural elements.

Rubber Roof Installation

The process of installing a rubber roof needs to be thorough, it is not only about rolling out the sheet and ticking it on the surface. We will have to clean the roof thoroughly, strip it of any debris, instructions. The rolles are then applied with high quality industrial glue that doesn’t degenerate with high humidity, cold, or hot temperature. The adhesives stick the whole sheets perfectly to the surface so you have the perfect roof. Application should be done perfectly to avoid bubbles and uneven spots. You don’t want to leave out spots where water can get underneath the surface. The seams are taped and sealed to end it all.

Rubber Roof Repair

Metal roofs are highly resistant to high velocity winds. Hail, rainfall or tree twigs doesn’t damage it as easily as it does for other kinds of roofs. Metal roofs are very difficult to puncture or crack if something hits on it during a high storm. Wooden or shingles roofs have been damaged by rodents, with metal roofs such things are not possible.

Weathering Of The Roof

When the rubber roof is old, it cracks, flakes, forms bubbles underneath. The rubber buildup will lose its elasticity and won’t be as effective. We at Infinite Roofing can re roof such roofs by applying a fresh layer of rubber roof.


When the rubber roof starts to leak and grow mold underneath the layer, it is time you call us. Moisture damage and mold growth is more common for flat roofs due to low elevation. If the gutters are not working right, water might flood the surface, and seep into the cracks, seams and loose ends. If you notice water damage on your flat roof, let us know. We will repair your roof to make them better again.

Old Flashing

As with most other materials, flat roofs with asphalt tend to expand and contract with changing weather and temperatures. Over time, this repeated expansion and contraction can allow the flashing to fall away from your roof’s edges and corners, leading to leaks and moisture that could get stuck within your roof.

Rubber Roof Maintenance

Rubber roofs are easy to maintain. Flat roofs that are made of rubber material can be easily inspected. You can go to the roof and inspect if there are any abnormalities or damages on the roof. The rubber material is durable and even if it gets old and damages, it can be easily repaired or reroofed. Water protection seals can be coated instead of complete reroof if the damage is small enough. Sealant can be part of a maintenance as well.

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Why Choose Us?

Infinite Roofing CO. installs rubber roofing with proper warranty. Our professionals have proper training to do proper application of the sheets of the rubber roofs. We do not leave out sports, we make sure the drainage is right and water doesn’t get under the sheet. The rubber roofs installed by us, stays durable for more than 25 years. Our customers are always happy with the efficiency we work with and professionalism we show. We know what makes a roof stand out and keep the building in good structure.


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